STFU Moffat

Because some people shouldn't be allowed to have their shit left unquestioned.

Before we get any questions like "If you hate Doctor Who so much you can just stop watching!":

We don't hate DW or Sherlock, in fact we really really like those shows. That is why we're being critical. If we didn't like them, we wouldn't be nearly as annoyed, we'd simply change channels.

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Also, could I just point out that Moffat gives Sherlock autistic traits and then calls him a sociopath. I personally have never watched a whole episode but many autistic fans read Sherlock as autistic. And then the people who make the series go out of their way to deny he's autistic. This is deeply offensive to me, especially since in the past a lot of autistic people were misdiagnosed as sociopaths. So not only is Moffat screwing me over as a girl, he's screwing me over as an autistic.
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Lord, I hate Moffat. 

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    Exactly. Sociopath. A person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks...
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