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Yo can we talk about how creepy it was that Eleven was going through Clara’s possessions while she was asleep? And the whole “guarding her” thing was rather stalkerish. I get that Eleven isn’t the best with social norms, but he crossed a line. But we’re supposed to think everything is okay because it’s ~romantic~. If I were Clara, I’d’ve been like “Thanks for saving me, but could you please leave before I call the cops?” Idk, what are y’all’s thoughts?

YEAH, that was SUPER creepy! First off, Clara calls the Doctor on accident, he realises it’s Clara, and then he suddenly shows up at the door in a monk outfit and acts like a weirdo. We don’t know HOW long he was waiting outside of the house, pounding on the door, yelling at Clara to talk to him despite her telling him to go away SEVERAL times, and then he saves her life, puts her to bed, strokes and kisses her forehead, putzes around, touches and licks her private belongings, and then leaves cookies out for her AFTER biting into one. AND THEN he stays outside of her house, taking messages and confirming everyone else isn’t going to be there. Out of context, that sounds really bad, doesn’t it? Like, if we didn’t know who we were talking about, this would sound like harassment/abuse.

THIS IS NOT OK! We all know the Doctor is the heroic saviour type of person, but not everyone in the show’s world is going to know that. CLARA certainly didn’t know that and she was absolutely right to turn him away and keep him out. If a strange man comes up to your door and starts harassing you to talk to him, would you feel safe? Would you expect others to feel safe? Not only that, but he went out of line putting her to bed and going through her things. Yeah, the Doctor has a certain amount of social awkwardness, but don’t kiss a girl who doesn’t know you in her sleep, nor go through her things to only ask her about them later and then claim it’s a ~mystery~ you want to solve. And does anyone know WHY he left a half eaten jammy dodger on the plate? Is that something people do??

And not only that, but he still sits outside of her house while she’s asleep, right in front of the door and outside of her window. He blocks her two main ways of escape if she didn’t feel safe or OK with him outside. He was ‘protecting’ her, but he could’ve easily have done that inside his TARDIS. Again, WE all know who the Doctor is, but if you take these actions and put them in an everyday person’s life, it would be harassment/abusive. You can’t just act like these things are in a vacuum, people will think these actions are ‘romantic’ and that leads to abusive relationships and harassment in the real world. Now, if Clara had told him off for being a creep, it wouldn’t have been OK per se, but at least it shows that it was not alright behaviour. But instead, she goes down and talks to this weird guy who was acting like an asshole earlier. Of course.

- SH

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