STFU Moffat

Because some people shouldn't be allowed to have their shit left unquestioned.

Before we get any questions like "If you hate Doctor Who so much you can just stop watching!":

We don't hate DW or Sherlock, in fact we really really like those shows. That is why we're being critical. If we didn't like them, we wouldn't be nearly as annoyed, we'd simply change channels.

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These are the tweets from Moffat that started the whole debacle surrounding sexualities. If you just look quickly, and isn’t very familiar with LGBTQ rights, this looks like a pretty cool thing. Because the Doctor doesn’t care about sexualities, and that’s… good. But this isn’t what this implies. He claims that The Doctor doesn’t see sexuality, and doesn’t understand it, and needs to have it explained to him. This is problematic because The Doctor has encountered a pretty decent number of non straight characters over the years. He was the one who explained Jack’s sexuality to Rose, he was aware of when Shakespeare  was hitting on him and he knew and was aware of that present day academics are discussing Shakespeare’s sexuality.

The Doctor: Come on! We can have a good flirt later! 
William Shakespeare: Is that a promise, Doctor? 
The Doctor: Oh, fifty-seven academics just punched the air. Come on. 

He knows of Human sexuality, knows how it works, and knows about the discussions surrounding it. If anything, my guess would be that he has a better grasp of it than we do, since he’s been following humanity for such a long time he ought to have a good understanding of the history of oppression and the problems that present day queer people still are faced with. Why doesn’t he already have a universal marriage setting on that screwdriver of his? 

Okay so now he suddenly remembers Jack? Cool. What is this bisexual he talks about though? I have never in the history of the show seen Jack referred to as bisexual, he’s omnisexual because he clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the species or the genitals of the person he’s into. To think that in the entire universe there is not a single species that have other sexes than male or female, now that’s ridiculous.

Sure, The Doctor might come from a world where there aren’t many who have such a narrow view, but as we’ve established, he spent so much time in 20th-21st century England that saying he can’t remember what gay and straight are is still really absurd.

"God, why won’t you guys just get over your minority complex and stop trying to skew people’s privileged views of gender and sexuality with your silly labels that are too hard for old people to remember??? The Doctor is over 900 years old, why are you expecting so much from him???" 

Repeat with me please: The Doctor knowing different human sexualities is canonical.

We still haven’t tackled the issue with River. We’ll get to that.

I think this really says it all. A fan thanks Moffat for the acknowledgement, Moffat then procedes to be prejudiced about it. What, exactly, is it bisexuals are too busy doing, we ask ourselves? Sleeping with every human being we can find? The idea that bisexual people are promiscuous is a harmful stereotype, but is something that is time and time again portrayed in media. How many times have you seen a bisexual woman on television that hasn’t been there to be a heterosexual man’s big threesome fantasy? There are people out there who literally believe that a bisexual person needs to always be in three-way relationships and only ever have threesomes to be happy. This is not only offensive, but also erasure. We don’t need to acknowledge bisexuals, they don’t watch TV anyway, they have too much sex for that.

alright. thanks for that.

This is where I start getting really annoyed. If so many people across twitter and tumblr were surprised when Moffat said that River was bi, it’s clearly nothing that was covered properly in the show. Many have applauded Moffat for having included a bi character in the show, and are thanking him for the acknowledgement and visibility (as that earlier tweet showed), while Moffat clearly has no interest in working for diverse sexualities. The problem is that if people need to be told that River is bi to understand it, she clearly isn’t contributing to bisexual visibility. On the whole it’s a prime example of word of god/gay, where a character’s sexuality is announced outside the context of the show. So far I’ve not seen a single queer character of his where their sexuality isn’t used as the punchline to a joke.

We are to believe that the scene in the show that so clearly displays River’s bisexuality is in Silence in the Library where she says she fancies everyone apart from Mr Lux. Many people and me included simply saw this line where she asks Mr Lux to leave his helmet on as the same sort of thing as when Sherlock asks Anderson to face the other way. And if we are to believe that every person who makes a half flirty comment about people of all sexes to be bisexual, well then I don’t understand how anyone can be considered straight. That comment was so vague it could mean anything. If we are to take that comment as proof of her bisexuality, I’ll have to do the same with all women who’ve ever expressed that they think another woman is attractive. Men will be even more afraid of giving other men compliments on their looks.

So, I thought I’d just message Moffat about it.

What many have done is to say it was wrong of me to “accuse” him of ever intending to work for bisexual visibility, when he’s never sad that he does such a thing. It’s true he’s never said that, and I suppose I should have known better than to ever think he could have done something because it’s good instead of just… a joke. It’s mainly been fans who have applauded him for acknowledging bisexual people, which I didn’t agree that he is doing. Thus my tweet.

Here you can also see what the “hard to grasp” comment was in response too. I didn’t intend to be rude in any way with that comment, and I personally think that his reply of “????” shows much less respect than mine. I genuinely wondered how he couldn’t understand what I was trying to say. I know what Moffat gets like when he thinks that people are being rude to him, and that people would think I would intentionally be rude while trying to have a discussion is beyond me. 

He claims that I am rude and I have no reason to be. I don’t agree that I was being rude, but I suppose that is up for discussion since everyone interprets words differently, but that I have no reason for it? He has said that sexualities are ridiculous and that bisexual people don’t need to be acknowledged, and he has previously said that asexual people are boring. I identify as both bi and ace to varying degrees, and I am very offended by his comments and have very strong reasons for being very rude to him since he has been very rude to me with what he has said before. There are many flat out offensive things that spin through my head, but I write none of those. All I have done is to wonder what it is about my comment that he doesn’t understand.

A while later he explains when during the show her bisexuality has been so obvious that he wonders how people could have missed it:

Okay. It really is that random flirty comment in SItL that we are supposed to interpret as actual sexual interest in everyone in the room except from one. Not a massive offensive stereotype and erasure at the same time at all. Yeah that was irony.

In addition, the snog with Cleopatra? Only ever implied. And it was done using the hallucinogenic lipstick, meaning it was probably just a tactic on River’s part, as opposed to attraction, anyway.

And no, you’re not campaigning for sexual diversity in you show, why on earth would you be. What good could POSSIBLY come from that? Except that perhaps more people would find characters in the show that they would be able to identify with, more people would feel represented, and everyone would be happier. I honestly really don’t understand why it would be such a bad thing to be inclusive. 

And a few words to those of you who think that when I say I want bisexuality acknowledged that I want to make a big deal out of it and have plots revolving around it:

You can acknowledge someone’s sexuality without making it a big deal. Heterosexual relationships are always acknowledged, and rarely made a big deal about, so it would be nice to for once see a bisexual character treated the same way. Acknowledged, but not a stereotype included for cheap jokes. It would be so easy to just randomly slip in some moments when she’s flirty towards women instead of men, and I’d we wouldn’t have this discussion. All those guards at the storm cage she always flirts with, why can’t some be women? Now it just feels like Moffat has slapped this label on her because it’s a bit ~sexy~, but doesn’t really have any decent canon moments to back it.

I’m pretty tired of Moffat and all his sexy ~Strong Female Characters~, because it’s such a trope and it’s tiring and it’s sexist.

Either way, he’s actually been replying to my tweets so far, and I’ve more or less got the answers I’ve asked for. So I thank him. Because I’m not a rude git.

It’s what happens right after this that really baffles me. Moffat, for some reason, thinks that this is a good tweet to retweet. Maybe to show how rude and offensive his critics are, I don’t know. The problem here is that I’m mentioned in this tweet to, and user @janykid made her profile private after this, so where do you think all the hate for this comment is directed? To me. I got hundreds of hateful angry tweets after this, for a comment I didn’t even make. I chose not to make my profile private or block anyone, because I don’t think it would have helped the discussion in any way. I felt like it was the easy and cowardly way out.

The next day, Moffat has blocked me and denies ever having retweeted that.

He even encourages the comments assuming that his account has been hacked, that he would never do such a thing. No, why would he set his Moffins on me.

All this is ridiculous though, because the tweet was still there. He can deny retweeting it all he wants, he can say he can’t see it, that it was someone else, but why on earth doesn’t he remove it?

And there’s the whole story, as comprehensively as I managed.

- Hallor

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