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Because some people shouldn't be allowed to have their shit left unquestioned.

Before we get any questions like "If you hate Doctor Who so much you can just stop watching!":

We don't hate DW or Sherlock, in fact we really really like those shows. That is why we're being critical. If we didn't like them, we wouldn't be nearly as annoyed, we'd simply change channels.

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Thank you for clarifying; I've just been in a really dark mood lately, that wasn't exactly a smart move. I am sorry for that. I shouldn't make accusations (someone just sent me hate mail for jumping to conclusions). It wasn't really the best reaction for me. I do want to have actual questions but I understand if you'd rather we end it here. Sorry, again.
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I’m sorry you’re getting hate mail, that’s awful. You’re welcome to ask questions if you want but we don’t really know anything about the hatemail/death threats though so I don’t know how much use we’d be if you asked about that.

I hope your mood improves soon.

- C


Companion: I am so rubbish. 

RTD-written Doctor: No, you’re not! You’re brilliant! Remember that wonderful thing you did! Remember that special skill you have that nobody else has? Don’t put yourself down! Where would I be without you, eh?


Moffat-written Doctor: You are bossy, also a control freak, a narcissist, a game player, needy, and also your skirt is just a little too tight.

Companion: Excuse me???

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Do you have record of Moffat saying that girls watch Doctor Who only because they fancy the Doctor? I know he implied that before season 8 when asked about a female Doctor, but has he actually ever flat out said it? Thanks, I love your blog!

I think it’s mostly something he’s said about Sherlock, e.g. here:

Also, it’s got such a huge female following. The original [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] stories had a huge female following, which I’d never forgotten, and that’s because the Victorian ladies liked the way Sherlock looked. (Laughs.) So I thought, use this massively exciting, rather handsome man who could see right through your heart and have no interest … of course, he’s going to be a sex god! I think we pitched that character right. I think our female fan base all believe that they’ll be the one to melt that glacier. They’re all wrong — nothing will melt that glacier.

but this article also mentions Doctor Who:

My God, if that’s not sexualized, they’re not having a very good time, are they? [Laughs]


Moffat has often joked about Smith as the “Good Boyfriend Doctor” - meaning the kind of actor who is ripe to become a poster on a wall, or a fantasy for younger viewers. 

(which is really creepy, because that means Moffat thinks the kind of man who goes around sexually assaulting his friends is a good boyfriend).

- C






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trace is awesome and EOAGH is too! go go!

(PS. if you’re thinking about submitting but feeling shy or feel like your work needs another eye, i’d be happy to be that eye today.)

trace pushed back the deadline!

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Honestly, I don’t understand why a Doctor Who fan who’s sick of Moffat isn’t watching the classic 60s/70s episodes. That solves pretty much all of your problems.

If watching the classic 60s/70s episodes would solve our problems then neither SH nor I would leave our houses until we’d finished watching every episode in existence, but that wouldn’t stop Moffat writing sexist shows or from those shows being hugely influential.

I live in London. Basically, you greet people by saying, “Did you watch the new Doctor Who?”. It’s EVERYWHERE, in magazines, on TV adverts, not to mention all over the internet. I can’t just live in a Moffat-free bubble, because Doctor Who and Sherlock are really popular. They have a huge influence and that’s why it’s so important to talk about the issues in them. We can’t just ignore them and assume they’ll go away - they’ll be there whether we watch them or not and it’s more important to criticise them and have an outlet to talk about the issues in them than to grit our teeth and desperately try to pretend they don’t exist.

Also, this blog is called STFU-Moffat. Watching episodes before he started writing wouldn’t really do much for this blog.

- C

WHOAH, are you excited we get ANOTHER period in history next episode?? finally something which isn't the Victorian era..
stfu-moffat stfu-moffat Said:

I think next week’s episode looks fun, and the Doctor hasn’t visited medieval England for a while. (You’d think if he had all of time and space to explore, he wouldn’t end up in historical Britain quite so often, but I suppose that’s what happens in British shows.)

They do visit the Victorian era a lot though. I suppose the writers think it’s recognisable (and people have heard of it) but the Doctor must be really into Victorian Britain to visit it so much. Which is odd really, because of the amount of racism and misogyny in the era - you’d think it wouldn’t appeal to someone with “modern” values. But clearly it has advantages that outweigh institutionalised oppression of people who aren’t straight, rich white men.

- C

I may be completely wrong, but from the few lines from Mr Pink he and Clara are going to be an exact replica if Amy and Rory, way to go for originality Moffat
stfu-moffat stfu-moffat Said:

I think they’ll be slightly different - possibly some badly-written PTSD thrown in too.

But I agree that it seems to be the same mould.

- C

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Spoilers ahead:

Was I the only one who felt like Moffat was using Clara to rebuke what he thinks of as “fangirls?” He made her shallow enough to be upset about the Doctor’s “wrinkles” and then had Matt Smith call her up to say “As scared as you are of the new Doctor because he’s so OLD AND NOT ATTRACTIVE LIKE ME, please give him a chance, because he’s scared too, and I promise you it’s still the same! Don’t be so shallow!” To me, that smacked of Moffat talking to his audience. He thinks women are quitting watching the show because Matt Smith was “OMG SOOOO HOTT!!1111” and because we can’t get turned on my Capaldi. But, no, women are quitting watching because you can’t stop insulting us. Case in point.

He’s just farting way above his ass and I’m so tired of his nonsense. I like Peter Capaldi, but I can’t watch a Moffat-run show anymore. He needs to go.


YES THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I FELT. It was so annoying! And implying she was shallow to be so affected by the Doctor’s regeneration when OF COURSE she’d be disconcerted, humans don’t go around regenerating, she doesn’t understand it. Compare her reaction to Rose when Nine regenerated into Ten - she was also disconcerted and felt like she’d lost the Doctor (even though he was younger and attractive to her), but she wasn’t judged as shallow for this, but the narrative and other characters were sympathetic to her.

Also, the Doctor’s personality changes when he regenerates, so it isn’t shallow to think he isn’t the same man or to be scared, because he is a different person.

It’s really cruel to judge your female fans like that. It reminds me of the fake geek girl idea, that women aren’t real Whovians, they just watch because they fancy the Doctor so they should be judged. When actually many women like Doctor who (and many more used to before it became so misogynist).

- C

holden-caulfieldlings submitted:

I think the episode was a hot mess. Lots of stuff was dragged to make the episode longer, and the worst part for me was the self-awareness. We didn’t need to hear that Jenny and Vastra are married over and over again. And the whole, he’s old but give him a chance was totally a direct message to the audience

I thought it was too convoluted too. The dinosaurs, the spontaneous combustion and the creepy robots with the restaurant could easily have been separate episodes. (I thought the creepy robots with the restaurant was the most striking bit of the episode - I probably would have enjoyed an episode entirely about that, if it weren’t for the Girl In The Fireplace link.) 

I hated the “he’s old but give him a chance” because it was solely directed at Clara. Moffat has said women only watch Sherlock for the hot actors, so I felt as if he was preemptively judging young women who didn’t like or didn’t fancy Twelve. But people are always disappointed by a new Doctor when they liked the old one (but usually they change their minds) and, of course, women can dislike the Doctor for more reasons than just him being older and less attractive to them.

Also, how many female protagonists on Doctor Who look as old as Capaldi? They kept referring to his wrinkles, but even Vastra (who is technically older than him) is wrinkle-free. 

- C

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Moffat seems like….really really determined to just throw away any continuity left over from RTD’s run? Because apparently now the Doctor chooses what kind of face he regenerates into? (So what’s the deal with him never being ginger?) And he chose to be young for Clara? (So what’s the deal with his previous two regenerations also being young?) (He also….was deeply in love with Rose until he got a wife out of nowhere and then had a weird thing with Amy but also was definitely into Clara. Yeesh.) Also, I am relieved to see we have received our MYSTERIOUS WOMAN who has FEELINGS for the Doctor and undoubtedly knows SECRETS as well. My only worry is that she may not be able to out-spunk his companion. Can’t wait for this season’s repeated to death catchphrase!

I thought the Doctor had no control over any of the faces he had anyway. And choosing to seem young to attract the attention of a very young woman is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay creepier than happening to look young while befriending a young woman. (It’s like Moffat looks as his storyline and thinks, “How can I make this creepier?”)

I can understand different regenerations loving different people, I suppose, because in some ways they’re different people themselves (although it makes me curious about relationships between Time Lords - did they marry each incarnation separately?).

Hahahaha that is such a good point. We’ve seen a lot of Clara and River but don’t worry, there’s a new mysterious woman who we don’t know anything about except that she’s attrracted to the Doctor. WHAT AN ORIGINAL IDEA, I WONDER IF THIS STORYLINE WILL INVOLVE FLIRTING AND SEXY BANTER.

- C