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Before we get any questions like "If you hate Doctor Who so much you can just stop watching!":

We don't hate DW or Sherlock, in fact we really really like those shows. That is why we're being critical. If we didn't like them, we wouldn't be nearly as annoyed, we'd simply change channels.

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I found it really weird how Jenny KEPT stressing that they’re married in Deep Breath? But I’m not sure what exactly it means. It just felt weird and unnatural for some reason.

I know. I’ve always assumed that when you’re married to someone you don’t have to keep reminding them that you’re married.

I suppose it was all the flirting with Clara, which made me uncomfortable - when women are alone together, even if they’re attracted to other women, they don’t spend all their time flirting with each other.

I think he was trying to pass the Bechdel test but couldn’t imagine female characters not flirting with each other.

But Jenny and Vastra had a very obviously mistress-servant relationship so maybe Moffat felt he had to remind the audience that they were married and lesbians*, rather than just writing them in a way that made it obvious that they were married?

- C

*Given Moffat’s attitude to bisexuals, I doubt he intends Vastra or Jenny to be anything other than purely gay.

But Jenny and Vastra had a very obviously mistress-servant relationship so maybe Moffat felt he had to remind the audience that they were married and lesbians*, rather than just writing them in a way that made it obvious that they were married?

I think this is pretty much it. Vastra and Jenny’s relationship just came off as unnatural and strained. Moffat wants Vastra and Jenny to be married so that he can get queer representation points, but Vastra is the Sherlock of Doctor Who, and that means that she needs to feel superior to everyone around her, and she can’t possibly treat this ordinary, uneducated human woman as her equal. But Jenny needs to be sassy! She needs to object to her treatment, and maybe Moffat will get feminist points for that, even if nothing ever actually changes! 

So basically what we’ve got right now is a situation where Jenny is clearly feeling used, under-appreciated, and manipulated, and she’s clearly expressing that, and her wife just isn’t listening to her. (Meanwhile, they both know damn well that Jenny has no real power in this situation and can’t really leave.) 

That’s… not what I want from my queer representation. 

And it plays into Moffat’s whole problem with telling us things rather than showing us them. He thinks that if he just repeatedly says that Vastra and Jenny are happily married and that they love each other, we’ll accept that this is a healthy relationship even if we never see them having any healthy affectionate interactions. In fact, he thinks we’ll accept this even if all of the interactions we see are unhealthy. It’s the same problem he had with Eleven/River. 

The real problem at the heart of this, though, is that he gets off on power-fantasies and he just doesn’t want his darlings (the Doctor, Vastra, Sherlock, etc) in relationships with people they see as equal. He has a massive emotional investment in holding all of them up on pedestals above mere mortals, and he thinks that being up on that pedestal gives them the right to mistreat others. If they view their (romantic, professional, whatever) partners as equal equals rather than favoured servants, the whole thing starts to unravel because, well, if Jenny is Vastra’s equal, then why not Strax? If River is Eleven’s equal, why not Amy? If John is Sherlock’s equal, why not Molly? And then suddenly they don’t have the right to be massively rude to anyone for no reason at all, and what’s the fun in that? 

It’s why I really hate that Vastra is supposed to be DW’s Sherlock. 

(I think Jenny is canonically a lesbian, because of some EU background stuff on her. I could be wrong, though. Vastra I’m not so sure about.) 

I think Vastra is less of Moffat’s darling than Sherlock and the Doctor, but she definitely shares some traits that Moffat uses with his “supertior” characters (especially the Doctor). I don’t think she’s really a power fantasy, because she doesn’t actually save anyone herself, she just summons or understands the Doctor so he can. I’m also not sure how much of her behaviour this episode was because the Doctor didn’t have his usual role (let’s hope she’s never like this again!).

But I agree with all the rest of this, especially comparing them to Eleven/River. This seems to be what he thinks relationships (on TV) should be like, rather than a reflection of what his characters are like and how that would be reflected in their relationships - they all end up trapped in unhealthy or abusive roles.

- C

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If Missy is the Master. Why is it that the Master gets reincarnated as a woman, but the Doctor doesn’t?

Is that who people think she is? That would be really weird, if the Master (apparently male in every incarnation so far) can regenerate as a woman, whereas the Doctor can’t because he’s been male in every incarnation so far.

I don’t think Missy is the Master but that’s mostly because I don’t want Moffat to screw the Master up. It doesn’t really matter who she is, because she will probably end up acting like River Song anyway.

- C

You have a fluffy ferret?! :D :D :D
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Haha, I have two fluffy ferrets! :-D They’re not into Doctor Who but they’ve stolen all my X Files DVDs. Luckily they’re so cute I can’t be annoyed with them.

- C

PS: SH has two cats and a dog!

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I wouldn’t be surprised if she kept stressing it because they were going to “kiss”. Look, it’s okay they’re in a married committed relationship, it’s fine that they’re gay! I mean they clearly had to make excuses for them to be able to kiss, when it was fine for eleven to go around kissing everything in sight.

If the only way you can think to show that two females are married is to have one of them flirting with another female so their wife has to remind them that they’re married, then you’re crap at writing married couples and need to rethink your attitudes to queer women.

You might be right though - maybe they (Moffat and/or the BBC) felt they had to remind the audience that these were two committed wives. It’s a huge change from Eleven’s behaviour.

- C

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hey idk who seraphile is but im pretty sure i submitted that question (“people on tumblr seem to have…”) not a big deal but just fyi.

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(ok this is really weird, but I don’t remember submitting that post, only the ask. Is there any chance tumblr messed that up? This is fucking with my head)

Oh my God, I’m SO SORRY I got you two mixed up. My ferret keeps climbing all over my laptop when I’m trying to answer asks and he’s really fat and fluffy so it makes it really hard to see the screen. I’ve corrected the post now so it’s attributed to traditionalmarriage.

I’m so sorry, I’ll be more careful next time.

- C

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given moffs track record think its also likely they’ll be purely gay with the exception of the super dashing doctor


Return of the Lesbian With An Exception For The Male Lead: This Time It’s a Threesome?

I really hope that doesn’t happen. I thought Vastra would be safe from it because she’s a lizard but it didn’t stop Twelve from flirting with the dinosaur*.

- C

*I love that they specified it was a female dinosaur. Because gay/bisexual subtext is so much weirder than flirting with an extinct reptile.

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So….was it you guys who sent poor Amanda Abbington the death threats? Did you send Clarabosswald’s tumblr threats as well? If so I applaud you. I really applaud you, you are doing a great job here (not the sarcasm and YEAH I’m mad). You’re for feminism but feminism is about women getting the right to have their own opinions. Well, what’s the use of me or anyone else who defends Stephen Moffat having an opinion if we just get death threats for having them!!!!???

No, that wasn’t us and we have no idea who sent those threats. We don’t send anyone death threats and it’s appalling when people do.

- C

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Also, what was up with Vastra controlling Jenny in this episode? She’s been condescending before but this? I’d almost think they’re purposely trying to set up story about a dysfunctional manipulative relationship, but it’s probably just Moffat being Moffat.

I think that’s just how Moffat thinks cool relationships work on TV, but I noticed Vastra treating Jenny a lot like a servant, even when they were at home with people who knew they were married. It’s one thing to have that pretence in public, but to treat Jenny like that at home is dysfunctional.

Part of it might be that Vastra, like the Doctor, is very old and (presumably) wise, so maybe Moffat thinks she has the right to be in control of Jenny (like the Doctor controls his companions) but it’s creepy. 

- C


                After seasons 6 and 7 of Doctor Who left me mourning the show I once loved, courtesy of Moffat, I only reluctantly watched the premiere of Season 8. Although I can say I’m glad I did, my feelings are definitely mixed. (Here there be spoilers!).

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traditionalmarriage submitted:

People on tumblr seem to have liked the episode, which I’m really confused about??? Am I crazy or wasn’t it super sloppy? They just threw a dinosaur in just to burn him up soon after without much consequence. Plus, Clara seemed to be treated SUPER poorly throughout the entire episode, from Strax’s nonconsensual ‘medical examination’ to the doctor just leaving her with the cyborgs and then making her feel bad for being mad at him. Idk, I may be predisposed to criticism at this point, but the episode rubbed me the wrong way a lot of times.

My response to that episode was that it was better than I expected, but I still have a lot of issues with it.

This show is so bad at writing women that they brought in a female dinosaur who was flirted with by the Doctor then fridged.

I was SO ANNOYED that the Doctor made Clara think he’d abandoned her to die, then reappeared when she said she had faith in him being there. That’s really cruel (and abusive)! You shouldn’t treat your friends that way! You shouldn’t make your friends think they’re going to die to test their faith in you!

(Although Sherlock did a similar thing to John, didn’t he? Presumably Moffat thinks it’s dramatic - which I suppose it is, as it’s the dramatic reveal that the hero will save the day - but it means all the “heroes” are abusive assholes.)

Also I didn’t think the dinosaur was very realistic but this is Doctor Who rather than a documentary about dinosaurs, and while I think it’s sad that children are being misled about how fascinating dinosaurs actually were, I suppose it’s a bit nitpicky to point out the inaccuracies in the tyrannosaurus rex’s portrayal.

- C